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About the Owner

Miriam Anglin-Rodriguez is the owner/operator of Becky’s Closet. Read in about us, how she started the business that she feels was always meant to be:

“I grew up watching my mother sew for many people in our community, and was always fascinated by the art of designing and sewing. In 1978, with no formal training, I designed and produced my own wardrobe for my first job in the corporate world. Unfortunately, I was not able to continue sewing, due to work demands. As fate would have it, I purchased a machine over three decades later….one year before losing my job in 2014! I immediately emerged myself into sewing and soon rediscovered my true passion.

I continued sewing for family and friends and in particular , I did a lot of outfits for my niece to perform in as she is a singer. I gained much confidence, as she would challenge me to make outfits I thought I could not do. In the summer of 2016, my niece took me to a music festival where she called me “Becky” as my middle name is Rebecca. I had never been called Becky before, but decided it would be a good name for my business, and in December of 2016, Becky’s Closet was officially started at home. Word got around quickly and in less than one year, I moved to our first commercial location.

As the demand grew for uniforms, I established Uniforms & More as the retail branch to import and sell under. Even though Becky’s Closet is technically the tailoring/designing side, the name stuck and is referred to by customers for all areas of the business.

Our customers are happy to find so many services and products under one roof and we are grateful for their support.”

Why choose us?

We provide excellent quality and service.

We have a talented team of designers and tailors, who can produce high fashion garments from wedding dresses and well tailored suits, to casual wear and uniforms when needed. We are also referred to as a one-stop-shop, as we also sell various other items including uniforms, that are deemed essential by our customers. We demand that our overseas manufacturers use good quality fabric to produce our uniforms and we ask for customers’ feedback to ensure satisfaction. Our customers love that we offer alteration services in the event the uniforms don’t fit quite right.
With us, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • High-quality fabric
  • Exceptional sewing skills
  • Unique styles
  • Fast delivery
  • Perfect fitting
Our Philosophy
Our Mission
Our Vision
Customer Satisfaction is Our Top Priority
At Becky’s closet, we recognize that a happy customer translates to a possible referral, but more importantly, we acknowledge that customers have the option of taking their business elsewhere, so it is our job to ensure that they are well taken care of. We go above and beyond to please our customers!
We're on a mission to continue providing quality-products to our customers.
Our mission is to continue to provide top-quality products at reasonable prices, as well as maintain our place in the market for both uniforms and the production of fashion clothing for our customers. In addition to the products we currently stock, we intend to expand our product list, as our customers enjoy the convenience of being able to get different products under one roof.
Our Goal is for Becky’s Closet to be a household name locally and internationally.
Our aim is for Becky's Closet to be known in every household locally, and as far as possible globally. We want to continue providing top-quality products at reasonable prices, as well as maintain our place in the market for both uniforms and the production of fashion clothing for our customers!


We strive to provide comfortable uniforms for your little one

Fashion Clothing

Our unique designs will make you stand out in the crowd.


We have a wide assortment of durable and classy school and hand bags.


Our stylish hats and fascinators have been the talk of the town.
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90 Godfrey Nixon Way. The warehouses

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+1 345-938-1111

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Becky’s Closet/Uniforms

Becky’s Closet/Uniforms and More We do custom made clothing for all ocassions.
We also have children’s clothing, School bags and children Shoes.

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